Skills on PP Production planning, some examples

2015 (3 months) SIAé Maintenance Reparation Operation version 2 with Capgemini

Reengineering of the workcenter structure to get consistency with validated business rules

  • lead workshops , customize solution in adequation with manufacturing organisation and with both PP / PS / PM usage
  • write detailed specification for master data migration

2012 (3 months) SKF Aerospace with Micropole for "Tellus" project : Spin off 

In charge to prepare master data migration for manufacturing and for internal subcontracting flow becoming external flow

  • detailed business requirement collecting
  • detailed specification for developpers writing
  • developments testing

2007 (7 months) Patek Philippe with Teamwork : in charge of supporting end-users after go-live on MM/PP on a division

Discrete manufacturing with serial number inheritance problematic; a lot of « re-work » activities and all the typologies of subcontracting

Assist end-users to solve the issues, to formalize their new requirements, document the issues and propose solution in the helpdesk tool, either by training, or customizing, or writing detailed specification for the abap development team.

Main new build: links with document in manufacturing / subcontracting / purchasing process.

Upgrade: assistance to key-users to run non -regression test. While running test, I documented all the differents flows to help along the knowledge transfer to the local IS team

2006 (3 months) Schneider with Capgemini: roll out the european core system sirius to a manufacturing location

Integration of the ressource plant DGS in the assembly plant AFI to make converge the site to Lean Manufacturing while rolling out the european core model "Sirius"

Assistance to manufacturing and plannung business team:
  • in organisational structure definition to get "Lean Manufacturing"
  • in the choice, for each sector , between discrete or repetitive manufacturing
Assistance to IS SAP team:
  • Gap analysis with core model and detailed specifications to enable data migration
  • gaps customizing for example to enable availability checks against presence of tools

2005 ( 5 months ) Schneider with Capgemini: Worldwide Core System Bridge with more that 250 locations.

Participate in global design of middle term Supply Chain planning from Sales forecasting to external suppliers through Supply Network of distribution centres and manufacturing plants Constraint: no usage of APO SNP

Detailed design of middle term planning for plants with referenced products: Sales and operative planning with flexible planning, long term planning, capacity analysis.

Customizing of the solution and delivering the detailed specification for development team

2002 (2 months) Schneider: training project for IS team

Provide personalized training documentation on PP customizing for S&OP , Long term planning, MRP, master data

I delivered the training to IS team; the objective was to give the tem a good understanding of buit solution on SAP projects: "Logos" for distributed products and "Sirius" for manufactured products

2002 (1 month) Silvatrim (Automotive industry) : end user support after go-live

Replace the PP consultant on holidays just after go-live. I ensured end users support just after go live

2001 ( 6 months ) Saint-Gobain Vetrotex / European Core system TWIST roll-out / S&OP and repetitive manufacturing

Assist production key-user to roll out Core solution in 9 manufacturing plants / 4 countries : S&OP usage to plan demand and to plan the bush number used by product family then usage of this planned available capacity to schedule orders in repetitive manufacturing.

  • migration of manufacturing master data
  • jobs creation for the multiples macro and specifics used

Re-engineer and re-design the "Sales Information system" for collecting market demand and for Sales and budget forecasting.

  • Flexible infostructure building and detailed specification for development writing.

2000 ( 6 months ) PPPI Parke Davis Core System with Manugistics / SAP R/3 V4.6 / MES

Replace the key-user (MM and PP middle term planning) who resigned before acceptance test. Project stopped just before go live because of Parke Davis bought by Pfitzer

Define and run  SAP end-user acceptance tests on :

  • stocks management, sub-contracting flows
  •  PLT : Long Term Planning with capacity analysis and budgeted activities calculation

Authorisation settings

End user training.

1998 ( 6 months ) PPPI  Rhône Poulenc Agro SAP R/3 : Isis Core system design

Design phase as junior:

  • Design and customize solution with PPPI and repetitive manufacturing
  • assist integration team to define integration scenario and to check consistency of project documentation between different teams area