Skill on CIF, standard integration tool between SCM APO and ECC R/3

Client /mission
Manasco for Etex
Second Level  support for worldwide shared services.
CIF enhancement by postprocessing implementation and by providing guidance for harmonization in integration model definition and phasing out master data management.
Work around the CIF integration of Source list
Accenture for Danone
Level 1 support for French locations with APO PPDS usage. CIF monitoring
Sopra for SIMMAD  project "Comp@s"
Initialisation of the environment for volumetry test : 16 sites /200 000 product with generated hierarchies updating.
Alti for Chantelle ; project "Isis"
Phase of global design, I have run integration test to check the connectivity between AFS solution and APO solution through generated hierarchies.
Analyse of the specificities of connectivity between AFS and APO and focus the attention of integrator on risks for CIF on production master data
Aventis pharma : project "Scope"
5 months
Integration between one APO system and 3 R/3 systems : run very detailed unit  test on master data and transactional data integration while coming back to standard CIF solution
Rhodia Polyamides Intermediates
Documentation of the CIF item for master and transactional data integration for the first company of Rhodia using the SNP
Provide assistance during dry-run and cutover for the master data and system initialisation (12 sites: 9 distribution centers and 3 plants).