Skills on GATP: Global availability to promise

2004/2005 (5,5 months) Alcan Cebal; project « credo »: diagnosis mission

Solution: GATP RBA « Rule Base ATP »

This solution enable to get automatically the order lines allocated to plant according to rules:

  • for make to stock products, allocation to the plant where stock is available,
  • for make to order products, allocation is done to the plant where the MPS had been validated at product group level (with SNP optimiser at planning product level) with Sales order reducing the plan

My activities:

Diagnosis on feasibility of the solution and need, validated by SAP Walldorf, to reoriente the solution towards an other option: usage of "pre select" , with adone of "Mill product" solution.

Updating of technical documentation (customizinz) for project contracted bid .