Expertise in SNP Heuristic and optimizer

2013 (3 months) Senior APO SNP and ECC for Glaxo Smith Kline

Project "CERPS" Wave 5 for Pharmaceuticals and Consumer Healthcare

Scoping phase with workshops in London, Madrid, Athena :
  • assist process owner in template description by demonstrating stock replenishment, subcontracting flows.
  • lead workshop to identify Business Change and to define "as is" and "target" trade route for Greece and France: define end to end flows from manufacturing to end customer through distribution centers
  • define organizational SCP target structure and update associated customizing sheets

2011 (4,5 months) Senior APO DP/SNP for SIMMAD with partner Sopra

Project SIMMAD "Comp@s" : Aircraft spare parts planning for the three french armees

Volumetry test phase with APO DP SNP aggregated planning
  • master data / system preparation / initialisation with CIF and BW (16 sites 100 000 products ; multiple hierarchies )
  • assist Sopra in test running and provide recommendations to simplify the solution and by the way to improve performance
Implementation of my recommandations by changing the flows and the planning area structures

2010 (11 months) Senior APO DP/SNP for FRANCE TELECOM with partner Logica

Project "LIM" Lean Inventory Management pour France Telecom Orange

Demand and Supply planning for central warehouse using data provided by distribution channel

Pre-study / general design / detailed design and building

  • building with solution APO BW/DP/SNP V5.0 and solution ETL Abinitio
  • DP scope:  usage of planned lifecycle , statistic tools, Marketing forecast
  • SNP scope: heuristic with planned safety stock based on maturity phase of products

My activities: from pre study to first implementation

  • leading workshops with owners, writting detailed specification by "end to end" process , for APO and ETL
  • customizing  of 75 % of the solution 
  • coordination between consultants : ETL / BW / APO DP SNP / Developper

2008 (3 months): senior APO SCM / SNP for ALTI on « Chantelle » project « Isis » with Apparel and Footwear solution


Full re-engineering both on business process and on IS solution with AFS 6.0 (Apparel and Footwear) and SCM5.0 usage.

My activities:

Initiate global design :

  • lead workshops to complete functional requirements and turn them into business rules and associated configuration description

  • identify and analyse main tricky subjects to validate development requirements: for SCM and AFS solution connectivity, for aggregated level planning, for PDS usage (replace PPM)

  • investigate and quickly test last enhancements to evaluate risk to use those functionalities for the project: test on usage of SNP optimizer « ACG » Automatic Cost Generator

Build a prototype to demonstrate the key points for the process:

  • multi level / multi sites SNP

  • all the possible methods for capacity leveling

  • deployment with fair share rules functionalities to confirm planned stock distribution within the network

2004/2005 (5,5 months) Alcan Cebal : project Credo / diagnosis mission


Complex project suspended after reorganization induced by bying out of Pechiney by Alcan .
My objective was to assess the advancement status of the project to be able to relaunch the building phase


Sales forecast with Demand Planning
S&OP and MPS with SNP optimizer run on product family to allocate the demand to the plants; capacity requirement planning
GATP RBA to get the customer order lines where ressource allocation had been planned ( more detail in menu GATP)

My activities:

Detailed diagnosis on feasibility of solution, risk and project status assessment:

  • measure progress of project; target process re definition

  • identification of critical issues and associated action plan

Assistance to IS team to organize the continuation of the project

  • help to identify main roll-out waves

  • functional assistance for the first roll-out

  • prepare technical project documents for project contracting bid ( second wave) , update customizing documentation

2003 (7 months) Rhodia RCS Polyamides Intermediates APO V3.1; finite capacity planning

Project driven by SAP France. I assisted the team up to the acceptance of test by process owner. 12 sites : 9 distribution centers and 3 manufacturing sites with finite capacity planning

My activities in the team:

Detailed definition of the end to end scenarios up to get the key user acceptance:

  • integration with R/3 : PPPI, MM

  • check the functional result: finite capacity planning with priorization so that to load first the most efficient manufacturing site.

Create training supports for end users.

Documentation of business rules, especially related to the CIF for master and transactional data integration.

Provide assistance during dry-run and cutover for the master data and system initialisation (12 sites).

Definition of the authorisations: roles description and profiles creation.

Before 2000 ( 9,5 months): Prototypes for proof of concept

Proof of concept prototyping

Key points demonstration and assessment:

  • 2000 4 months for Aventis Cropsciences

  • 1999 1 month for RVI

  • 1999 4,5 months for Schneider