SAP APO skill on Demand Planning module

Design and customization: Planning Object Structure, Planning area, Planning books / Planning view , Macro, statistical models, lifecycle
Process chain

2016  (1  months)  APO consultant for Colgate Shared Services (Dublin)

Spot consulting for Dublin Shared Services

New HUB Russia Central Asia

Gap analyse of planning books to help future harmonization of demand process
Workshop preparation for new trade route definition and impact analyse; end to end flow analyse

2013/2014 (8  months)  APO consultant for Danone competence center

Project THEMIS : Danone for dairy, water , baby

For Dairy Russia: APO DP migration to Core Model

Data migration from old to new core model planning area structures
  • automation of the actual data loading flow across many countries and Time zones: data loading flow  from legacy to APO through MQ, APO Process chain, APO DP job
  • New extraction rule creation for actual sales data flow
  • Authorization: implement restriction access per country
  • process chain creation per country for sales forecast loading
  • Jobscheduling : migration to Tivoli
For Water North America:

in charge of the APO DP customizing tasks based on Core model template and gap definition

For France : level 1 support for all the divisions

2011 (4,5  months)  volumetry test and process optimization with partner Sopra

Project SIMMAD "Comp@s": Aircraft Spare parts planning for the three french armies

Planning based on planned target service level and planned flights hours
Volumetry testing project phase with APO DP and SNP aggregated planning
  • master data / system prepararation (BW and CIF)
  • assist integrator in test running and provide recommendations to simplify the solution and improve performance
Optimization by changing the DP/SNP process flows and the planning area structures, according to my  recommandations

Adapt the solution to support the statistic tool usage ( croston, Holt, adaptative forecast statistical models )

2010 (11 months) design and building  : from pre study to implementation with partner Logica

Project /scope : project "LIM" Lean Inventory Management for France Telecom Orange / mobile phones

Demand and Supply planning for Central Warehouses in countries using the planned lifecycle of products and data provided by the distribution channels and the countries. 

Solution based on a fully automated data processing 

Pre-study and global design

  • workshop leading to complete the business requirements and to translate them into application specifications
  • definition of the end to end process, using both APO BW/DP/SNP and ETL solutions
  • definition of the main objects in APO BW/DP/SNP and linkage with ETL

Design and build the solution using iterative prototype approach

  • Demand Planning using Lifecycle planning, composite and univariate statistical models, dampening profile, adjustment, macro.
  • Calculation of planned safety stock depending upon planned lifecycle phases.

My action in the team: assisting integrator from pre study to implementation of first envelop

  • workshops leading whith Competence center (Poland) and detail design documentation writing, for APO and ETL 
  • customizing of the solution , prototyping and insuring competence transfer to the integrator APO consultant
  • task coordination between consultants : ETL / BW / APO DP SNP / Developper

2006 (5,5 months) APO « Demand Planning » leader for worlwide Capgemini competence center

Project "Ramp up V5.0"

Objectives reached:

  • Get a fully sanitized, documented, implemented scenario, usable for demo and training purpose .
  • Test V5.0 enhancements

My action and scope of demo:

I built the scenario based on a live solution with other consultants located GMT +5, GMT -6
  • Collaborative forecast (via internet ), multi stream planning, dis-aggregation, aggregation, fixation
  • Statistical forecast, promotion, life-cycle, seasonal planning
  • Alerts monitoring and release forecast to R/3 and to Supply Network Planning

2000 (6 months) proof of concept with APO V2 and R/3 for Capgemini customers

Project "SAP Core" for AVENTIS CROPSCIENCES with APO (V2) and R/3 : 4 months

  • Building an integrated prototype with APO and R/3 with Demand Planning / SNP / Deployment / PPDS

Project "Component Based Demand Planning project" for HEWLETT PACKARD with APO (V2): 2  months

  • Building a Demand Planning prototype to demonstrate planning by features functionalities  ( CBF not yet existing)

1999 (4,5 months) proof of concept with APO V1 for  Schneider

Project "SAP Core" for AVENTIS CROPSCIENCES with APO (V2) and R/3 : 4 months

Building a prototype with APO to demonstrate and evaluate 16 functional key points :
  • DP: statistical forecast, consensuel planning, life cycle, promotion, internal validation process between different planners, alert monitoring