My skills on APO SCM

17 years of experience on SAP projects with about 50 % on APO /SCM solution and 50 % on R/3 ECC PP/MM solution

I have first built qualification prototypes on APO version 1 (1999) and 2 for Schneider, HP, RVI, Aventis Cropsciences.

Then, I have got extensive end to end Supply Chain expertise, assisting Demand and Supply teams on several project going up to production: Rhodia PI (SNP optimizer), Alcan Cebal ( all modules) , Aventis Pharma (CIF )

In 2006, I have been referent consultant of the "Demand Planning" module for the worlwide competence center for SAP connected solution of Capgemini (CCSS). I built a full sanitized and documented solution based on a rolled out solution pad with last enhancements.

Since 2008, As freelance, I have assisted several customers  on APO DP SNP built projects (Chantelle, Orange, Simmad, SIAé) through integrator partners or I have assisted shared services of worldwide companies like Danone, Colgate, Etex

APO Module

Functional description

Expertise level

Demand Planning

Sales forecast according to «Marketing» segmentation
Statistic tools, lifecycle, promotions, planning on aggregated level.
Demand planning , alert monitoring,  macro

Senior for DP

2006 : referent consultant for the Capgemini worldwide competence center.
2010: design and built the solution for France Telecom / Logica
2011: solution optimization for SIMMAD / Sopra
2013 : migration of data for Danone for Dairy Russia / Accenture
2014 : deployment of APO DP core model for Danone Water North America
2015 : SIAé environment migration (V1->V2) for Capgemini
2016 : gap analysis for new HUB for Colgate and realignment for Manasco

Basic knowledge of BW : info objects, infocube, Process chain creation

Supply Network Planning


middle and long term planning through the network of locations ; capacity levelling, deployment functionalities according to fair share rules

planning on aggregated level

Alert monitoring

Senior for SNP heuristic, aggregated SNP, experience on Optimizer

In 1999/2000: proof of concept for Schneider, HP, RVI, Aventis Cropsciences
In 2003: Rhodia  Demand & Supply team support on  SNP optimizer
In 2005: Alcan Cebal: project status assessment 
In 2010: France Telecom : design and built / with Logica
In 2011: SIMMAD : Solution optimization ( SNP run at aggregated level)
In 2013: Scoping phase for GSK SCM "CERPS" project wave 5 (South Europ)
In 2014: level 1 and level 2 support for Danone


integration tool between APO and ERP ( R/3 ECC )


In 2000: Aventis Cropscience: proof of concept with R/3 ECC integration
In 2003: Rhodia PI : data initialization in all environments
In 2004: Aventis Pharma : unit integration test , go live for trading goods
In 2008: Chantelle / Alti: pre study connectivity assessment with AFS and APO
In 2011: SIMMAD : volumetry test data initialisation with hierarchy updating
In 2014: Danone ; Level 1 for france CIF monitoring
In 2016: Manasco for Etex : CIF enhancement by implementing postprocessing and provide guidance for harmonization in integration model defnition and phasing out master data management. Work around Source list integration

Production planning and detailed scheduling

Short term planning. Scheduling

Knowledge updated with SAP Press edition updated for SAP SCM 7.0 4

In 2014, level 1 support for France Danone entities
In 2015, training support creation for workshop preparation
in 2016 , Manufacturing issues solving for Etex shared services APO PP Manufacturing team

Global ATP

Global Availability check

Trained. Adequation analysis and project status assessment of project using GATP RBA  ( Alcan Cebal and  Simmad )

CTM: « Capable to match »

Planning tool based on categorisation of supply and demand

Junior: I never had to build this functionamity 

Other: TLB, VMI

Transport Load builder, Vendor Managed inventory

Junior: prototype and VMI assistance using TLB with level 1 support for Danone