Freelance since 1 st october 2008 : few examples of missions


Year / duration / function Customer / project Mission content
2016 (8 months)
Manasco , Shared SAP Services for Etex (Belgium)

APO PP for Shared Services
Insure the interim between the departure and the arrival of permanent consultant on APO and ECC Manufacturing.
Provide consulting expertise on topics related to SAP APO or SAP ECC/APO integration and improve documentation base to facilitate ownership of solution by shared service team.
  • Handling PPDS Subcontracting flows with contract usage
  • CIF source list integration
  • enhancement of CIF by postprocessing implementation
  • providing guidance for harmonization in integration model definition and phasing out master data management
2016 (1 months)
Senior SAP SCM APO and ECC
Shared Services for Colgate (Dublin)

Spot consulting on harmonization of demand process for new HUB Russia Central Asia
  • gap analyse of planning books
  • prepare workshop for new trade route definition and impact analyse on APO
  • assist project manager in project plan on APO part
2015 (3 months)
Capgemini for SIAé

Project SAPHIR (french armee)
MRO for aircrafts maintenance: migration from SAPHIR V1 to V2.
SAP scope: APO DP and ECC PP/PS

  • Conduct workshops on production organization for Workcentre re-engineering
  • APO and ECC customizing in new environment
  • Assist capgemini in detailed design for data migration from V1 to V2 environment
2013/2014 (8 months)
Senior SAP SCP consultant (APO )


APO Competence center for dairy, water, baby business

Project THEMIS

For Dairy Russia: APO DP migration to Core model
  • Data migration from old to new core model planning area structures
  • Design & build enhancements:
    • automation of the data loading flow across many countries and Time Zones: data loading from legacy to APO through MQ, APO BW Process chain
    • new extraction rule creation for actual dales data flow
    • authorization check: implement restriction access per country
    • creation of process chain per country for sales forecast loading
  • Job scheduling: migration to Tivoli
  • Coordination and weekly status updating with local Russia team
For Water North America: APO DP Core Model deployment
  • in charge of APO DP customizing based on Core Model template and gap definition
For French water, dairy, baby business :
  • end user level 1 support: incidents resolution and CIF monitoring
  • assist key user to use core model functionalities like VMI , Alertes, PPDS PPM combined with ECC ECM usage
  • act as backup in level 2 support

2013 (3 months)
Senior SAP SCP consultant ( ECC and APO )


Pharmacy and Consumer Healthcare

Project CERPS:  Commercial ERP

Context: Top down approach

Get GSK Commercial ERP deployment methodology certification

Wave 5 Scoping phase:
  • demonstrating core template: stock replenishment, subcontracting flows
  • GAP analysis; facilitator for business change impact assessment
  • workshop conducting to define "as is" and "target" trade routes for Greece and France; definition of end-to-end flows from manufacturing sites to end customer through distribution centers
  • definition of organizational Supply Chain Planning structure and updating associated customizing sheets for APO and ECC

2012 (3 months)
Micropole for SKF aerospace

Project Tellus
Spin off

In charge of master data migration for manufacturing and for internal subcontracting flow becoming external flow:

  • detailed business requirements collecting
  • detailed specifications for developers writing
  • developments testing
2011 (4,5 months)
Senior SAP APO

SOPRA for SIMMAD (french armee)

Project Comp@s

Aircrafts spare part planning with  APO DP  and  aggregated SNP

Volumetry test phase :

  • data initialization for volumetry test phase ( BW / CIF 16 sites, 100 000 products , 4 SNP Planning areas with hierarchies )
  • assist integrator in running volumetry test
  • provide recommandations to simplify the solution and improve performance
  • assist integrator in solution optimization by changing the DP/SNP process flow and the planning area structures
Build statistical tools functionality: croston, Holt and adaptative forecasting

2010 (11 months)

Logica for France Telecom Orange.

Project "LIM" Lean Inventory Management.

From pre study to implementation of the first envelop for Romania. Building has been done by iterative prototyping using ETL / APO BW/DP/SNP.

Project scope : Demand & Supply of Orange Central warehouse using planned lifecycle of products, and data provided by affiliates in distribution channels (sales from POS and stocks in channel). Usage of APO solution with BW DP SNP and integration with affiliates through ETL solution
  • lead workshops to complete the business requirements and to design the end-to-end process
  • translation of functional requirements into detailed application specifications
  • design and customize the solution
  • coordination of tasks between integrator consultants (ETL, BW, developer, junior APO) and insure knowledge transfer
2010 (1/2 months)
Senior SAP APO


Project Comp@s

Aircrafts spare part planning

Adequation analysis with APO without  usage of dedicated module SPP (spare part planning) . 

2009  (5 months )

Senior SCM

AREVA for IS team

Project S&OP for business unit "Equipement"

Spot consulting:

Assist business stakeholders in their requirements definition for S&OP process.

Provide adequation analysis with APO SCM solution and with ECC6 (PS +PP+MM) solution

2008 (3 months)
Senior APO SNP


Project "Isis" : re-engineering of business and IS solution


Full re-engineering both of business process and of IS solution with AFS 6.0 (Apparel and Footwear solution) and SCM5.0 usage

My activities: initiate pre study and global design by prototyping approach with following objectives:

  • for the final customer: get a custom prototype demonstrating the key SNP points  :
    • multi level / multi sites SNP
    • all the possible methods for capacity levelling
    • deployment with fair share rules functionalities to confirm planned stock distribution within the network
    • alert monitoring
  • for integrator: tricky points prototyping to evaluate risks for the project: connectivity between AFS solution and APO, generated hierarchy,  investigation on SNP optimizer "ACG" (Automatic cost generator) .