SAP functional consultant for Capgemini

This table presents my missions in chronological order. To have a more technical view of my skills, you have better to use the menu « by function ».

Year, duration, function

Customer, project


1998 (6 months) junior consultant PP R/3

Rhône Poulenc Agro. Projet "Isis" mondial Core system

Design and customize solution with PPPI and repetitive manufacturing. Assist integration team to design integration scenario and to check consistency of project documentation between different teams

1999 (3 months) Consultant MM : Purchasing and MRP

Pechiney CRV

Assistance for go live: define and run unit tests and integration tests. Provide end-user training. Support end-user for 3 months.

1999 (4,5 months) APO Consultant

Schneider for ELSE organization: APO qualification by prototyping

Lead Workshops to collect requirements, identify the key points to demonstrate by prototyping.

Build the prototype with the scope of DP, SNP, Cockpit. Tool evaluation arround 16 keypoints.

1999 (1 month) APO consultant

RVI Spare Parts: qualification of APO

Assistance to project consultants to deliver a prototype with the functional modules DP, SNP, deployment, TLB (Transport Load builder)

2000 (2 months) APO consultant

Hewlett Packard for Business Desktop division « Component Based Demand Planning Project »

Build prototype with APO DP (V2) : planning by features by planning the differents key components of the computer (not yet Characteristics Based Forecast)

2000 (6 months) PP/MM Consultant

Parke Davis: Core System Manugistics / R/3 / MES

Blackfill the project key-user who resigned . Definition and run SAP end-user acceptance tests on following functions: Long Term Planning for capacity load analysis, for budgeted activities calculation; integration with Manugistics; stock management (integration with MES); subcontracting process. I also trained end-user to Stock management

2000 (4 months) APO and R/3 Consultant

Aventis Cropsciences: project "SapCore" with APO (V2) and R/3

Build an integrated prototype with APO and R/3 with following modules: CIF, DP, SNP, Deployment,PPDS for master data.
Define integration test scenario and write detailed scripts

2001 (4 months) APO and R/3 Consultant

ANTALIS : Project "Aries": Core System

Design, customize and document the core solution: detailed functional specifications, solution description, write integration test scripts , get key-user acceptance.

Scope: all MRP procedures and forecast based on past consumption; stock transfers, inter-company; third party processing and ATP check with MM/SD/FI/WM integration.

2001 (6 months) PP consultant

Saint Gobain Vetrotex: European Core System "TWIST" project roll out

Assist production key-user to roll out core solution in 9 manufacturing plants : usage of SOP to plan the bush number used by product family then usage of this available capacity plan in repetitive manufacturing to schedule orders

Re-engineer and design of « Sales Information System » for collecting market demand and for Sales and budget forecasting

2002 (2 months) PP Planning consultant

Schneider: IS team training

Train IS team on PP customizing: provide personalized training documentation on PP customizing for SOP, Long term planning, MRP, Master data. Delivering the training to IS team .

2002 (1 month) PP Shop Floor Control

Silvatrim: go live

Blackfill the PP consultant on holidays just after go-live. Ensure end users support .

2002 ( 2 months) MM Consultant

S@me Agro: internal project Capgemini

« MM referent consultant » on master data to define business rules and customizing required for food industry, eg batch management used to control expiry date and to ensure traceability.

2003 (7 months) APO and R/3 Consultant

Rhodia Polyamides Intermediates: Core system « RCS »

Support Supply chain team on APO solution: Supply Network Planning with optimizer V3.1 and heuristic. The solution enable to plan in one run 12 sites (3 manufacturing sites) with finite capacity constraints. 

2004 (5 months) APO/PP/MM Consultant

Aventis Pharma: Project "Scope" integrated with Goal/Core/Athena

Support IS team leader in charge of the integration of APO with several R/3 system . Setup/perform system tests and acceptance tests while remodelling the solution to come back to SAP standard whenever possible. Successful go-live of APO / R/3 integration with CIF for trading goods project.

2004 (1 month) MM/APO Consultant

Aventis Pharma : "Ariba"

Provide MM and APO expertise to e-procurement project team in design phase .

2004/2005 (5,5 months) APO expert Consultant

ALCAN Cebal: project "Credo"

Help in relaunching APO project, stopped for a few weeks. The scope of the project: Sales forecast with DP, SOP with SNP optimizer to allocate ressources to plants, then GATP rules based to assign automaticaly the customer order lines to the suitable site. I assist the IS team to organize the continuation of the project.

2005 (9 months) PP planning process consultant

Schneider : project « Bridge » World wide core system with more that 250 manufacturing sites

Participate in global design of middle term Supply chain planning from Sales forecasting to external suppliers through Supply Network of distribution centres and manufacturing sites.

Design functional architecture between demand planning in APO and SOP for manufacturing plants in ECC6.

Detailed design of middle term planning for plants: SOP with flexible planning, long term planning, capacity analysis. Customize the solution and write detailed specifications for development team.

2006 (5,5 months) APO Consultant

CCSS Capgemini: internal project "Ramp Up V5.0" for the worldwide competence center for connected SAP solutions.

Leader on Demand Planning module: build the scenario for demand planning, based on a live solution: get a fully sanitized, documented, implemented scenario , usable for demo and training purpose.

2006 (3 months) PP Consultant

Schneider: project Sirius

Assist the MOE and MOA to deploy the core to the plant 38H ( AFI + DGS)